Single Channel Analyzer


A single channel analyzer (SCA) produces an output logic pulse on the condition that the peak amplitude of its input signal falls within the pulse-height window that is established with two preset threshold levels. ORTEC provides two basic types or classifications of SCAs: non-timing SCAs and timing SCAs. Non-timing SCAs produce an output pulse if the input signal is within the window settings. Timing SCAs produce an output logic signal precisely related in time to the occurrence of the event being measured.

ORTEC offers a range of timing and non-timing SCAs.

550A Single Channel Analyzer

Counter/timer. It provides the excellent stability, resolution, and dynamic range needed for measurements with high-resolution germanium and silicon detectors. These same features provide more than adequate performance with scintillation counters, proportional counters, and ionization chambers. The entire instrument is dc-coupled to ensure that the discriminator levels are not affected by changes in the counting rate, even at very high counting rates.

551 Timing Single Channel Analyzer

The ORTEC Model 551 Timing Single-Channel Analyzer performs the dual functions of single-channel pulse-height analysis and timing signal derivation. The patented trailing-edge constant-fraction timing technique provides unexcelled timing on either unipolar or bipolar signals and shows better results than are possible with conventional leading-edge discriminators.

552 Pulse Shape Analyzer / Timing Single Channel Analyzer

The ORTEC Model 552 Pulse-Shape Analyzer and Timing Single-Channel Analyzer is a valuable instrument for experimentalists performing pulse-height analysis, timing signal derivation, and determination of pulse shapes. The single-width NIM module offers many features normally requiring the use of several separate instruments.

567 Time-to-Amplitude Converter / Singe Channel Analyzer

The ORTEC Model 567 Time-to-Amplitude Converter/Single-Channel Analyzer (TAC/SCA) measures the time interval between start and stop input pulses, generates an analog output pulse proportional to the measured time, and provides built-in single-channel analysis of the analog signal. Additional gating modules are not necessary with this unit, and timing experiments requiring time ranges of 10 ns to 2 ms may be performed with single-channel analysis, giving the experimenter unparalleled flexibility in analyzing random events that occur within a selected time range.

583B Constant Fraction Differential Discriminator / Single Channel Analyzer

The ORTEC Model 583B Constant-Fraction Differential Discriminator is a versatile, and high-performance unit suitable for the most exacting applications in timing spectroscopy.