Educational Experiments

Experiment 1 Introduction to Electronic Signal Analysis in Nuclear Radiation Measurements
Experiment 2 Geiger Counting
Experiment 3 Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy Using NaI(Tl)
Experiment 4 Alpha Spectroscopy with Silicon Charged Particle Detectors
Experiment 5 Energy Loss with Heavy Charged Particles (Alphas)
Experiment 6 Beta Spectroscopy
Experiment 7 High-Resolution Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy
Experiment 9 Time Coincidence Techniques and Absolute Activity Measurements
Experiment 10 Compton Scattering
Experiment 11 The Proportional Counter and Low-Energy X-Ray Measurements
Experiment 13
Gamma-Gamma Coincidence with Angular Correlation
Experiment 14 Nuclear Lifetimes and the Coincidence Method
Experiment 15 Rutherford Scattering of Alphas from Thin Gold Foil and Other Optional Metal Foils
Experiment 19
Gamma-Ray Decay Scheme and Angular Correlation for 60Co
Experiment 20
A Study of the Decay Scheme of 244Cm by an Alpha and X-Ray Coincidence Experiment
Experiment 24 Measurements in Health Physics
Experiment 25 Time-of-Flight Spectroscopy
Experiment 26 Fission Fragment Energy Loss Measurements from 252Cf
Experiment 27 Positron Annihilation Lifetime Spectrometry