The amplifier is one of the most important components in a pulse processing system for applications in counting, timing, or pulse amplitude (energy) spectroscopy, providing the pulse-shaping controls needed to optimize the performance of analog electronics.

Different models of amplifiers are available from the broad ORTEC NIM product range to suit different detector types and applications, from energy spectroscopy through counting, timing, and fast counting.

427A Delay Amplifier

The ORTEC Model 427A Delay Amplifier is suitable for any general-purpose variable delay of linear or logic signals within the range from 0.25 through 4.75 µs.

460 Delay Line Amplifier

The ORTEC Model 460 Delay Line Shaping Amplifier is intended for energy and time spectroscopy with scintillation detectors. It can also be used with proportional counters, semi-conductor detectors, and position-sensitive proportional counters. Its delay-line-shaped output signal is particularly well-suited for high-counting rate and timing applications. This particular type of output signal offers a more rapid baseline recovery than is possible with semi-Gaussian shaping amplifiers. 

474 Timing Filter Amplifer

The ORTEC Model 474 Timing Filter Amplifier is especially designed to shape pulses and permit optimizing the signal-to-noise ratio for timing measurements. The Model 474 is particularly suited for use with an ORTEC Constant-Fraction Timing Discriminator in timing applications with germanium or silicon charged-particle detectors. It derives its input signal directly from the preamplifier output.

533 Dual Sum and Invert Amplifier

The ORTEC Model 533 Dual Sum and Invert Amplifier is a single-width NIM that incorporates two wideband unity-gain amplifiers.

570 Amplifier

The ORTEC Model 570 Amplifier is a general-purpose spectroscopy amplifier that offers excellent performance for varying counting rates at an economical price. The low noise, wide-gain range and selectable shaping networks make this instrument ideally suited for operation with semiconductor detectors, proportional counters, and scintillation detectors in a wide variety of high resolution spectroscopy applications.