Webismart Web-Based Area and Stack Monitoring System


MediSmarts is a well-established and recognized radiation monitoring system that has been in intensive use by a large number of cyclotron facilities for more than 15 years. The modular system is comprised of three main components that interconnect within one communication network: detection units, data processing units, and dedicated control software. The software is used for data collection and assessment of the radiation status in real-time conditions as well as for historical analysis. The technological advancements in the system infrastructures over the years have challenged us to reassess the MediSmarts architecture and to match it to modern expectations and capabilities.

The new architecture – WebiSmarts – uses web technology and server communication tools for implementing cross-platform monitoring applications. WebiSmarts is stored on a server and can serve many clients by demand. The web server runs the site scripts, manipulates the database, and activates the generic communication processes that are responsible for communicating with all the monitoring units on site.